I'm going to assume that the 2.5 has way more get-up, but I've driven a 5 speed Z3 with the 1.9 4 cylinder, and I don't think I've ever driven something that required so much WOT to keep up with city traffic. The stock shift knob had a propensity for coming off during hard shifts as well. It was a new knob (done) and… » 1/28/15 11:41am Wednesday 11:41am

As an idiot looking at the coverage of the CT6, it kind of sounds like it'll be a bigger second gen CTS. That car was sized a bit bigger than the 3 series, but smaller than the 5 series, so it could indirectly compete with both, but not quite directly compare to either. Since the 7 series is pretty well an S… » 1/22/15 10:17am 1/22/15 10:17am

I can see not doing it on their standard cars, most people don't want to pay more for an aluminum bodied Fusion, but come on. Give me an aluminum Mustang. More specifically, give me an aluminum GT350R. I can see them pulling another 250lbs out of it by making it aluminum, so take the 3,810 pound GT Premium with the… » 1/15/15 9:42am 1/15/15 9:42am

So here in a year or two we'll have this AND the C7.R running at LeMans? All that's left is shaming Dodge back into racing the Viper. Between all this, the upcoming GM midengine car, the GT350R, the Z/28, the Hellcats, and the CTS/ATS-Vs...my 'Murica boner is so huge right now. » 1/12/15 10:43am 1/12/15 10:43am

A-freaking-men. We got new Durangos at work, and the voice recognition works well on them for calling people, but I've yet to run into a system for texting that isn't worthless. There are about a dozen words the system in my Camaro will sucessfully recognize, and it won't let me dial someone by name, only by number. » 1/06/15 11:19am 1/06/15 11:19am

I have the first two, and while I could totally live without the heated seats, the backup camera is really handy. I can back in and out of spots with the side mirrors obviously, but between my heinously large c pillars and postcard of a rear window, I literally could not see a small child, animal, bush, fire hydrant,… » 1/05/15 12:02pm 1/05/15 12:02pm

Whenever I heard that the next Camaro was going to come out in 2016, I seriously considered saving up to get one whenever they came out, because if the ATS is any indication, it will be a fantastic drive. However, after looking at this, the spy phots that have come out, and the '14+ refreshed cars, I'm going to get… » 12/17/14 10:02am 12/17/14 10:02am